Clinical Trial

Clinical Trials are FDA approved and regulated research studies conducted over a period of time with volunteer patients who meet specific criteria. Methods and treatments focused on newly developed medical intervention are tested for efficacy in slowing disease progression.

Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg is a board-certified neurologist who has been with Princeton & Rutgers Neurology for over 18 years. Over the last decade he has made it his mission to establish and conduct clinical trials for memory impairment. Having a dear family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia, his involvement with clinical trials is very personal.

Currently, Dr. Greenberg is involved in clinical trials conducted at Advanced Clinical Institute (located in Neptune, NJ). His dedicated involvement with Advanced Clinical Institute has opened the door to an important opportunity for the Central New Jersey Community to participate in clinical trials focused on those diagnosed with memory loss, mild cognitive impairment, or Alzheimer’s Disease. The goal of the team at Advanced Clinical Institute is to find a way to slow the progression of disease and there-by contribute to finding a cure for these diagnoses.

If you or your loved one has an interest in learning more about this opportunity, please contact Rebecca Ornstein at 732-807-4700 or by email at You can also visit their website at

Although Advanced Clinical Trials is not owned or operated by Princeton & Rutgers Neurology, our practice has supported and continues to support Dr. Greenberg on this journey. Please feel free to speak to your provider at your next visit to Princeton & Rutgers Neurology about these opportunities.