Computer-Administered Neuropsychological Screening for Mild Cognitive Impairment

A CANS-MCI test is a tool used to help physicians establish a baseline of a patient’s cognitive abilities. Based off the results of a CANS-MCI test a physician can determine whether more extensive cognitive testing and intervention may be required. This test can also be used to measure improvements or decline in a cognitive function.

Designed to measure three specific functions of cognition (executive function, language fluency, and memory), the CANS-MCI includes questions that test immediate and delayed recall of words and photos, recognition of objects, word to picture matching, and clock-hand placement.

The results from a CANS-MCI indicate normal cognitive functioning, possible impairment, or low to normal functioning. Additionally, a CANS-MCI can show indications of depression as the symptoms are often confused with cognitive impairments.

*At this time CANS-MCI testing is only available in English and Spanish.

CANS-MCI testing is a self-administered computer test using only the touch screen monitor. The test takes about 30-minutes to complete but can be completed in less or more time following your pace. While completing the test only the patient will be permitted in the testing room.

A member of the staff will set you up for the test using the initials of your name, the month and year of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security number. They will remain in the room with you while the instructions are being read by the computer, adjusting the volume as needed for you. Once you have confirmed your personal information, the instructions have been read to you, and you have asked any questions that you may have the staff member will leave the room.

You will be alerted by the computer when you have reached the end of the test. Once completed, you can exit the testing room and see a staff member to inform them that you are done with the test.

Results are typically available one week after the test is completed and will be reviewed and your next follow up visit.

Bring any eyewear (distance, reading, screen, etc.) that is required for reading and being in front of a computer screen for an extended period of time.

If you require hearing aids, ensure that you have them with you and that the batteries are fully charged.

Prepare to be in the testing room for a continuous 30-minutes. Some questions do have a time limit and you will not be able to leave the room.

If you require the test in another language, please alert the front desk upon check in. Currently CANS-MCI testing is only available in English and Spanish.