The best way to request a refill is through our patient portal. If you are not signed up for the patient portal, you can leave a message on the prescription refill line which can be reached by calling any of our office phone numbers.

If you are requesting a refill by telephone, please provide your name, date of birth, the name and strength of the medication you are requesting a refill on, your dosing schedule, and the name and phone number for your pharmacy.

Refills are processed Monday through Friday during normal business hours only. If you are requesting a refill on a day that the office is closed, the refill request will be processed on the next business day. Please allow up to 24 hours for all refills to be sent to the pharmacy. After 24 hours, please follow up with your pharmacy regarding the status of your request.

We strongly encourage requesting refills for your prescriptions at your office visits to prevent any potential delays.